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Philadelphia: 10 Must-Do Cultural Attractions

Philadelphia provides visitors with an immense array of cultural opportunities and venues in which to explore the Arts, sciences and history. The problem for a visitor is not necessarily what to do, it is more how one can see everything they would like within their limited time in the city. To make your trip a bit easier, Roulez Magazine has selected our ten favorite cultural outings in Philadelphia.

Road Trip: Passion for Vintage Cars | Roulez Magazine

Road Trip: Passion for Vintage Cars

According to Dennis Gage, host of the cable program My Classic Car with Dennis Gage, there is a subtle, but significant, shift in the car collector subculture. Because of this shift, a whole new segment of restored and collectible late 1960s and early 1970s muscle cars are becoming more and more collectible. Auction company Barrett-Jackson has, in the last few years, seen buyers bidding higher for American models than for exotic standbys like Ferraris.

Outer Banks Beach House | Roulez Magazine

Outer Banks Beach House

In the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the lifestyle is relaxed and easy. Interior design of area homes is equally laid back and casual, providing space for socialization and enjoyment of the picturesque natural setting. We sat down with Outer Banks interior designer Amy Hilliker Klebitz to gain insight into what makes an island home quintessentially OBX, while learning more about the lifestyle residents enjoy here.

Loft Lifestyle | Roulez Magazine

Loft Lifestyle

New York, Boston and Chicago were the first American cities to embrace the transformation of empty commercial and warehouse structures within downtown areas into what are now referred to as lofts. Cities from coast to coast followed suit in a surge of loft development, including in Philadelphia’s Center City, Portland’s Pearl District and Dallas’ Deep Ellum. Even smaller cities, such as Chattanooga, Lexington and Des Moines have joined the movement. We explore the lifestyle of loft living, an invariable one regardless of the loft's locale.

Amy Hilliker-Klebitz | Roulez Magazine

20 Minutes: Outer Banks Interior Designer

We visited with Interior Designer Amy Hilliker-Klebitz at the Front Porch Café in Kill Devil Hills, to talk about Outer Banks interior design and style of living in this beachy region. We also explored ways the geography's lifestyle comforts can be emulated in homes anywhere.

Lightkeeper of Currituck | Roulez Magazine

Lightkeeper of Currituck

Meghan Agresto is a modern day lightkeeper. She and her two sons, Benicio and Paolo, several chickens and the family dog Jess live on Currituck Beach Lighthouse grounds where she manages operations for this popular and historic attraction of the Outer Banks.

Chocolate to Love | Roulez Magazine

Chocolate to Love

Long considered a food fit for kings and gods, chocolate has been treasured since its creation. So it is no surprise that chocolate has become the most traditional romantic gift for conveyance of admiration and desire. Touted by many as an aphrodisiac, sinfully rich chocolate is luxurious, sensual and delicious. Though most people don't need a reason to enjoy chocolate, it is surprisingly good for you, too. Roulez Magazine presents our favorite brands, so you can love them as much as we do.

New Orleans Shopping | Roulez Magazine

New Orleans Shopping: Our Five Favorites

New Orleans shopping is an activity nobody will suffer through. Around each corner and in every neighborhood are unique boutiques and shops ranging from kitschy to upmarket luxury. For rainy days, shopping centers provide welcome entertainment combined with great views and, of course, plenty of the food for which the city is famous. When you visit the Crescent City, explore these shopping destinations fully prepared to find some wonderful treasures of today and yesterday.

You Need a New Vice…Cream

Smoking, drinking, cursing, gambling…these are becoming vices of the past. Adults of today are much more controlled, healthy and self-aware. We keep up appearances and keep ourselves up by doing…

Water Cooler Talk: High Tech Flavor

Bevi beverage machines are making workplace water a whole lot smarter. When talking about workplace water coolers, images of The Office come to mind. The water cooler is an important part…

Zents: When the Going Gets Tough…

In 2012 I met a man and his company’s team in my then-employer’s stuffy little boardroom. His story impressed me enough that I held onto it for the past five…

Claudia Ochoa: Lingerie Designed for Her

Photos: Daniel Mezick | Model: Becky Fox | Hair/MakeUp: Marnee Simon | Creative Director and Story: Kimberly Toms In Medellin, Colombia, a raven-haired girl was raised among sewing machines, fabrics, trims…

Street (Art) Hospitality

Street art has developed into a highly appreciated art form, no longer just the graffiti of train cars and underpasses. Now, you find street art everywhere. It seems Banksy was…

Bitter Greens Salad with Roasted ‘Bread Cheese’

A beautiful bitter greens salad with roasted bread cheese, from Chef Kristine Subido, formerly of Pecking Order Restaurant of Chicago. Yield: 6 servings. Ingredients 6 thin slices fruit and nut baguette, drizzled…

Bloody Marys, Coast-to-Coast

This spring, make a plan to hop in your convertible and head from Miami to SoCal for some of the best Bloody Marys in the country. This traditional anytime-of-the-day drink…

Passion Personified: 610 Stompers

With names like Cankles, Puddin, Cuddles and Butterbean, who could resist the men of New Orleans’ dance performance troupe, the 610 Stompers? From New York to California, overseas and everywhere in…

Cheesy Sunchokes Recipe

This is a wonderfully cheesy sunchoke recipe from Chef Joseph Buenconsejo of Wassail in New York City. Yield: varies. Ingredients Melted Leeks 70 g butter 100 g water 300 g sliced leeks 1 tsp. salt…

Tuscan Peasant Soup | Acquacotta Toscana

This is a cheesy version of a Tuscan classic, from Chef Walter Potenza of Potenza Ristorante in Cranston, RI. Yield: 4 servings Tuscan Peasant Soup Ingredients ½ cup extra virgin olive oil (Tuscan preferred)…

Yankee Shrimp Etouffe

This recipe by Beylka Krupp of the Wobble Café in Ossining, NY won the Grand Prize in the 2015 “Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest” of General Mills. It is a Yankee take on an old Cajun classic.…

Queen Mary Bloody Mary

From Tupelo Honey Cafe of Asheville, North Carolina, this moonshine Bloody Mary pleases from its peppery undertones and yellow tomato base to its maple-pepper bacon, shrimp, fruit and veggie garnishes. Each…

Blue Cheese Poached Halibut

Blue cheese poached halibut on a bed of greens and fingerling potatoes, created by Chef Seth Bixby Daugherty. Servings: 4 Blue Cheese Poached Halibut and Salad Ingredients Salad 12 fingerling potatoes,…

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir

In Brooklyn Heights, Le Boudoir opens its doors to those in the mood for cocktails and tete-a-tetes in an opulent bar fashioned after Marie Antoinette’s bed chamber. Using Rococo architectural and 18th…

St. Louis: Porano Pasta Fills the Void

In St. Louis, residents and visitors to downtown can enjoy the new two-story Porano Pasta at the Mercantile Exchange. Founded by Gerard Craft, a 2015 James Beard Award winner, this…

Eight Burgers You Must Try

Super Bowl 50 is coming and with it, the annual scramble for the best finger foods. Of course, burgers are always part of the quintessential Super Bowl repertoire. Wherever you…

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